Friday, February 28, 2014

at long last

it's been seven months since i have posted anything. that's largely because i haven't perambulated. the ai class i was hoping to take was full,  but i explored some other stuff.  the only one that took was a symposium on sufi literature, which was lots of fun and a fascinating window into a world of which  i had only glimpses.

classes with all the chairs in ranks and files,  talking head up front, i just found too boring to endure.  i dropped several classes about interesting topics because i found independent study so much more satisfying.  most of the students are much less vocal than i.

the seven months have given me a new understanding of the current state of secondary, official,  education. it seems mostly a waste.

the best part of the seven months has been over hearing conversations.  i am considering goin feral again, wandering around on bicycle and listening to folks in coffee shops. the world is a fascinating place.

but a bicycle is a lot like a horse. i'm not sure chad would approve.