Monday, September 9, 2013

ai thwarted: peregrinate on

after much wanderinf from office to office, and being told I was being enrolled in the ai course of my dreams 'even now (then?)', it was full. every chair. so i decided to try for cosmology,  which needed an override from the instructor.  he said he would be happy to have me in the class, but he never signs overrides. so, analytic philosophy.  frege and wittgenstein. fascinating enough folks, who along with sufi literature and a history of interior design should keep me out of trouble.

but. being a student gives me access to the university of arkansas libraries.  re-enter bruce chatwin, whose songlines made me feel less weird as a walker and a nomad even before i met chad. i've been reading nicholas shakespeare's biography of chatwin along with his books and letters. what surprises me most is how much of chatwin's own life i missed when i was first reading his works back in the 1980's and 90's. all writing is autobiographical in many ways.  it is the way chatwin revealed himself by hiding himself that i am finding most helpful this time around. chatwin's works are making me look at what i reveal about my own life in what i veil.